Tuesday, April 6, 2010

long time no type

Well its been a while. I've been very busy and honestly forgot i had a blog. LOL. Not much has been going on. Been writing a ton and have been busy with my last month of school. I am fixing to get back to homework. Catch everyone later.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

scene from my novel!!

Here is a little teaser from my novel:

John did not make decisions lightly. But at this particular moment, as the long tunnel stretched out before him, the sound of his wife’s footsteps behind him as she pushed their three sleeping daughters in a stroller, he couldn’t help but wonder if he was doing this as a good parent or doing this out of fear. The thought that he’d never see his daughters again made his stomach twist into knots and he turned to look at his wife, catching her eye. He could see the tears lingering on her cheeks, a sign that she was struggling with this as much as he was.

They’d talked long and hard about what they’d do if the chip ever became mandatory and after being forced to have the surgery done on their newborn daughter Raven they’d decided it was best to send them somewhere far away, where the government couldn’t find them.

John felt the beginnings of anger prickle his arms as he recalled the ad he’d heard on the radio as he was packing the girl’s belongings.

“Give your kids the dream of a lifetime by providing them with the info they’d learn in school. Give them hours of playtime and a never ending supply of life without school. They’ll be much better for it….”

John shook his head to clear it, forcing himself to push the commercial to the far corners of his mind. The law hadn’t gone into affect yet but John knew it was only a matter of time before that happened and he was not willing to risk the health of Kate and Ava.

His youngest daughter was already showing signs of distress from the chip. She was a year old yet didn’t seem to be growing very rapidly. She’d been born a good size but ever since the surgery she’d lost weight and would often scream and cry for no apparent reason. At first they’d thought colic or simply crankiness. But when the crying outbursts continued they knew it was related to the chip.

“John?” His wife’s voice was full of sorrow and for a split second John thought about turning around and heading home. But he knew he couldn’t. “Why can’t we stay with them? Why can’t we make this place our new home?”

John stopped walking and slowly faced her, feeling his heart rip in two at the anguish in her eyes. He tried to swallow the lump that was threatening to rob him of speech. “You know we can’t.” He spoke gently yet he could detect a sense of firmness in his words. “I’m the president of the resistance. We’ve got to stop this before it gets out of hand.” He rested a hand on his wife’s shoulder, waiting patiently for her to look at him. “I know this is the most difficult thing we’ve ever done but we will see them again. I promise you, Jane.”

Jane let out a shaky breath and tried to smile, though John could see the sadness and fear in her eyes. “Keep telling me that.” Her voice was soft and she shifted her gaze toward the stroller, running her hand over Kate’s short red hair.
“This family….the people that are going to raise our children….” Her tone was now uncertain and John took a step back, prepared to ease her fears. “Are they trustworthy?”

The question was not new. Jane had been asking this same question since they’d made the arrangements over two weeks ago and every time John’s answer was the same. “Yes, honey. We can trust them. They’re close friends of my Uncle Bill’s and exactly the kind of parents we’d want for our daughters.”

Jane nodded but John could see the hesitation in her eyes. He knew she wouldn’t be convinced until she met the couple face to face.

They continued on in silence as the tunnel stretched out before them, the sound of their shoes tapping against the cobblestone. It was an hour or more before John saw any sign of the end and he felt relief wash over him when he spotted the door. He quickened his pace and pushed open the door, squinting into the sudden brightness. He couldn’t believe they’d just been in New York.

John stepped slowly out of the tunnel, hearing a crunching sound as he stepped on a pile of leaves. John closed his eyes only briefly before opening them again, finding himself surrounded by large trees, blanketing a perfectly blue sky. A small orange dot peaked in through the branches gently swaying in the light breeze.

John exhaled deeply, surprised by the scent of what appeared to be pine and he let a small smile lift the corners of his mouth. This was indeed a world away from New York. Only the sound of trees swaying in the wind, accompanied by a bird chirping nearby. Definitely a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the city.

John tore himself from the amazing view long enough to help Jane push the stroller through the woods, grateful for the path that that been cleared. He stole a quick glance at Jane, noticing the worry lingering in her eyes. But he also couldn’t help but notice her look of surprise as she took in their surroundings.
“We better get moving.” John continued pushing the stroller along the path and felt relieved when he saw the clearing. He pushed the stroller over the threshold and out of the woods.

John let out a startled gasp as he took in the scene before him. It was like something out of a movie. Horse drawn carriages passed over a cobble stone road. Across the way John could see an old run down looking building, as if it had been there for a hundred years or more. But the buildings were not what he was used to seeing and he shut his eyes for a brief moment before opening them again, making sure he wasn’t seeing this. He wasn’t. the building that stood before him was not what he was used to seeing. They were circular shaped and looked almost like little doll houses, standing lined all in a row. John also noticed all the buildings were one story high, built in a dark red brick.

A cluster of mountains towered over the buildings, leaning against a cloudless sky. The sun shone brightly but as John looked at it, he couldn’t help but notice the sun’s unusual color. It was a deep orange, like someone had taken the son and photo-shopped it. Several birds flew overhead, calling loudly and John forced himself to look away. He glanced back at Jane, who looked tired yet John could tell she was dumbfounded by the scene stretched out before them.
Jane looked as though she wanted to say something but her gaze suddenly flitted to the right.

John followed her gaze, watching as a short plump woman came toward them. She was clad in a long gray dress with a white apron and her brown hair was pinned up in a tight bun. Her cheeks were red and as she got closer John could hear her gasping. She stopped suddenly and stared, though John couldn’t tell if she was flabbergasted or simply trying to catch her breath.
He took a step forward, opening his mouth to inquire if she was the one they were supposed to meet, but quickly shut it when the woman began speaking.

“Are you John Hayword?” her voice was timid and John watched as her gaze flitted from him to Jane, finally settling on the stroller. “Are these the wee ones?”
John nodded, swallowing. This was definitely not Suzanna. He’d never met the woman but he’d seen pictures from Bill and he’d been expecting a tall slender blond.

“Yes. I am. And you are?” He tried to keep the suspicion from his tone, not wanting to frighten the poor woman.

The woman laughed but it sounded nervous and forced. “Sorry. My name is Mary Ellen. I work for the Montgomery’s. They will be along shortly.”

John could see Jane’s bottom lip trembling and she bent down to the stroller, lifting little Raven in her arms. “This is Raven. She’s one year. And this is Kate and Ava.” She pointed to the two girls. “They’re three.”

“and they are the cutest things ever,” came a high pitched voice and John turned toward it, finding himself staring at the tall, slender blond woman he’d been expecting. “Hi.”

The woman walked forward, extending her hand. John could see the excitement dancing in her bright blue eyes. She wore a long sleeved solid dark blue dress and her hair was pulled into a loose bun. Black boots rested on her feet and a matching purse dangled from her left arm.

“Are you Suzanna?” John asked, unable to keep the hope from his tone. She seemed nice enough but John couldn’t help but feel a hint of hesitation creep over him. “This is my wife, Jane and our daughters Raven, Kate and Ava.”

Suzanna’s eyes flickered to the girls before she found John again and John felt a tiny bit of relief at her reassuring smile. “Yes. And don’t worry. We’ll treat your girls like our own.”

“That’s the idea,” John said and felt his shoulders sag when he realized that this woman was indeed who Bill had said she’d be. At least from what John could tell at this moment. “We don’t know when we’ll be able to come back for them. Probably not ever. We’ve given them a drug that has wiped their memories and you are to tell them that you are their parents.” John’s tone was firm but he didn’t waver. He needed to make sure Suzanna understood exactly what he wanted. “You are to tell them they grew up here.”

Suzanna nodded but John could tell she wasn’t all that pleased with the arrangement. “But why the memory drug?”

“It’s safer this way,” John said and hoped he wouldn’t have to elaborate. “The less they know the better. My work….it’s dangerous and it’s the other reason they’re here.”
Suzanna’s jaw tensed and she shook her head in disbelief. “I can’t believe your government would do something so horrible." She reached out and touched his arm and
John was glad to see a small smile pass her lips. “They’ll be safe here. I promise you. I will tell them nothing until you are ready for them to know.”

John swallowed, and couldn’t help but feel slightly confused. “Sorry but how are we going to keep in contact with you? It seems to me you aren’t exactly carrying cell phones around.”

A laugh came from Suzanna’s throat and John couldn’t help but smile in return. “No. We’re very….simple here. As you probably noticed. But I am aware of the lavishness you possess in your world and while we do not have those same luxuries we do have these.” She reached into her purse and pulled out an object wrapped in a simple white cloth. Holding it out, she said, “You can keep in contact with this.”

John took the object from her and slowly unwrapped it, revealing what appeared to be a hand-held mirror. He could hear Jane coming up beside him and he held out the mirror to her, letting her examine it. “How does this work?”

“Sort of like your phones,” Suzanna explained and pulled out another mirror, trimmed in pink. “I have already programmed our number into it and all you do is speak my name or my husband’s name and it will contact us.” She held the mirror out in front of her. “John.” She indicated to the mirror. “Now look at the mirror.”

John stared at the screen, mystified, as it started to turn a grayish color, swirling about like a whirlpool. But after several moments, Suzanna’s face appeared. “Wow.” He looked up at Suzanna, unable to hide the shocked and puzzled look he knew was now present on his face.

He swallowed, forcing himself to come back to reality. “So we can see our girls with this?”

Suzanna nodded. “Yes. When they’re older I’ll get them one and when you feel you are ready I’ll tell them what happened here today.” She reached out and gave Jane’s shoulder a squeeze. “You have nothing to fear.”

Jane nodded but John could see the uncertainty and fear etched onto her face. “I know.” Her voice was only a whisper, filled with the regret and anguish of leaving a child behind. She turned away from Suzanna and bent down to the stroller, where the twins and Raven lay sleeping. “Goodbye, my angels. I hope one day you’ll understand.” ane stood and John felt her tug at his sleeve. “Let’s go before I lose my nerve.”

John only nodded as he looked back to Suzanna, watching as she walked over to the stroller. “Keep them safe.”

Suzanna cast them another reassuring smile. “I will. I promise. Now, I know you will probably want to head back. It’s quite a journey from here.”

John felt his mouth curve into a frown when he realized he hadn’t bothered to ask where he was leaving his daughters. “Sorry but where are we?”
Suzanna giggled. “We are just north of Union City in a place called Westerland.”
ohn’s brow furrowed. “And that is where exactly?”
Suzanna’s answer was quick, almost matter-of-fact. “In the land of Zoar. We will stay tonight here and head back to Union tomorrow.”
John nodded, feeling the nervousness and uneasiness return with a vengeance. He was leaving his daughters, his flesh and blood in a place called Zoar? He couldn’t even begin to comprehend it and from the looks of it, they would grow up without TV and movies and computers. They would spend their days running outside and reading every book known to man.

John felt his throat swell with unshed tears and he blinked furiously, not wanting to cry in front of Suzanna. Jane would be doing enough of that for the both of them in the next few weeks. Swallowing, John attempted a small smile as he watched a tall man wearing black pants and a cream colored shirt with suspenders coming toward them.

“There you are!” He kissed Suzanna’s cheek before lifting his gaze to meet John’s. His smile was kind, his eyes bright and full of excitement. “You must be Jane and John. I promise you, we are well equipped to be parents to these three angels. They will be in good hands.”

John felt his smile fade to a frown. “You remember the deal, right? They are to know nothing of us. You are to tell them you are their parents when they wake and tell the they grew up here.”

Henry held up a hand, and John saw the reassurance flicker into his eyes. “Do not worry, Mr. Hayward. Your daughters will be well taken care of.”
John felt his shoulders sag with relief and he took Jane’s hand, knowing if they didn’t leave now they never would. He watched as the woman named Mary Ellen lifted Raven into her arms.

“She sometimes gets headaches,” Jane burst out and John felt her hand pull free from his. She ran toward the woman holding Raven. “She had to have the chip when she was born and she hasn’t been right ever since. The headaches are random and she’s not growing like she should.”

Susanna was the first to speak. “Jane, John’s Uncle told us everything. We are prepared to take good care of her. Granted, we don’t have the means to get the chip removed but we will get her the best care we can offer. I promise you.”

Jane nodded and took a step back, grabbing John’s hand again. He could see the tears in her eyes and knew she was having trouble holding herself together.
“Come,” he whispered and led her toward the path that would take them back to the tunnel. He glanced over his shoulder for only a moment, watching as his girls were loaded into the carriage. John felt his own eyes mist with tears and he turned away, quickening his pace down the path, not wanting to think about what he was leaving behind.

He felt his heart beat a tiny bit faster as the light faded to darkness and he could hear Jane crying softly.

“We’re doing the right thing.” He tried to keep his tone even but he could hear it shaking as a single tear ran down his cheek. He would have to convince his wife and himself that they were indeed doing the right thing and he prayed that one day he would return and see his daughters once again.
But for now he’d have to trust in this place and the people of this land. A land unlike any other he’d ever encountered.

The land of Zoar.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

of advice and homework

Hello all,

Well I had a bit of a Grace/Elphie moment last night. Got freaked out over nothing. Scared my poor BFF. LOL. But things are better now. I no longer feel as though I want to cry. I just hate online forms, especially if its something I'm not required to do and it takes an hour of my time to do the thing. Now I am working on homework (okay well trying is the key word here) and talking to a friend. I'm going to type up review questions so that getting it done in tutoring will go faster tomorrow. I am going to be starting a new blog separate from this one. It will look more professional. I'm going to be posting scenes from my stories. I want to get my name out there so that when I do want to publish it'll be easier. I'm also going to post my stories on Webook. Wow. I better get busy. I have a lot to do.

Okay I am off. More later.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

its been a while

Wow so much for the daily blogging. I might make a new blog just for scenes from my novels. I got an email from my mentor and sent him a story I started he hasn't replied yet. It was only nine pages. I hate to think how long it's gonna be when I send him two hundred pages LOL. Oh well. It's worth the wait. Wish I had more time to WRITE. I hate this semester and I want it OVER. About to go practice my stupid script for Announcing. words flow together blah blah blah. Okay I am off. Write more soon.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

its been a while

Hello all,

wel its been a while. In first class waiting to start. not much has happened Been working on story. On page THIRTY. WOOT. have had a lot of stuff to do for school so that isn't fun. Have a study guide to do for Creative Writing and a paper to work on and othe stuff. Well thats all for now. Class is about to start.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Of teens and papers

Hello all,

Well I am spending my rainy cold Friday afternoon working on my paper for Psychology and it's going faster then I thought it would. I'm only on page two single spaced but that's two pages double spaced. I figure I can work for another hour and then call it an evening in the homework department. I'm having fun with this paper believe it or not LOL. I DO want to work on my story though and I hate it that school takes priority over that. I can't WAIT until that becomes my full time job. Okay I'm off to write MORE on paper. I got on a roll. YAY for getting on rolls.

More later


The rain in Spain stays mainly in the Plains....NOT this time.

Hello all,

It is wet....wet...wet...wet...wet. and COOOOLD. My hands are literally NUMB and I was wearing gloves. THAT'S how cold it is. Had two classes today. HAD my science test and it was good. There were only a few questions I wasn't sure of so hopefully I at least passed. Now I am going to nap and then work on my psychology paper.

Well that is all.

More later. This bird needs sleep.